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Gruber Lab

peptides | peptidomics | drug discovery | molecular pharmacology

The Gruber Lab specializes in the discovery and development of peptides for biomedical applications.


We explore the unique chemical space of nature-derived peptides (from plants or venomous animals) and endogenous neuropeptides (from insects to humans), our interdisciplinary approach combines tools and methods of chemistry, biology, and pharmacology to study the function of peptide/receptor signaling in cells or living organism.


Our long-term goal is to innovate molecular probes and therapeutic compounds targeting pain, autoimmune disorders, and inflammation.

Christian Gruber

Christian Gruber (Principal Investigator)

Where we are

Our laboratory is based at the Center for Physiology and Pharmacology at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria). Founded in 1365 as a Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna, the MedUni Vienna is now one of the world's largest and most renowned medical universities.


Vienna is an enjoyable and international capital, with the worldwide #1 quality of life (The Economist). 


Medical University of Vienna

Center for Physiology and Pharmacology

Schwarzspanierstr. 17

1090 Vienna

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MedUni Vienna
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